How To Set Up A Google Maps Listing

How To Set Up A Google Maps Listing

Getting your business listed on Google maps so people can start finding your business is a very simple process. The higher you appear in your maps listing comes down to SEO. To achieve a higher position than other local businesses you need to have a strong website with good SEO, a good backlink profile and continuous good reviews.

The first thing though is getting set up. Head over to Google and search “Google My Business”. When loaded up it will show a button labelled “manage my business”, when you click on this button you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your gmail and sign in, if you don’t already have a gmail account, you can create a free one at gmail. Once you have signed in, you can either search for your business or click on the link to add new business.

Once you have added your business name and category and hit the next button, Google will ask you if you want to add a location that customers can visit. For this I would include your home address or work address of your business so then when people are searching for the service you provide, in the area you have listed, your Google maps listing will appear in the search results.

Google will then ask you some other questions, including: Do you serve customers outside this location? Only you will no the answer to this. Then you can add contact number and website. You may be asked to verify your location with a phone call or verification card through the post. This is to identify your business is legitimate in the location you have stated.

When you have completed the steps you can add lots more information. The more you add, the better. You can add services, logos, images, opening hours, pricing, update customers with posts, add a description of your business and much more.

You can manage your business listing at any time by heading over to Google my business and logging in with the gmail address you used to create it. If you need any help or would like to discuss getting your business listed higher than your competitors then please get in touch.

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