Multicore National case study


Multicore National case study



Multicore National is an emergency plumbing, electrical and gas engineering service that operate all over the UK, Scotland and Wales. Multicore National have a network of engineers up and down the country who they work alongside in order to provide emergency call-outs to their clients. Multicore National’s target audience is homeowners who do not have home insurance, in some cases, they do have home insurance but it does not include emergency repairs at 2:00 am. It was decided that Multicore National would need to have their offering served to people on Google when people are searching for emergency repairs.

The owners had experimented with Google Ads and quickly ran up a bill of £2000 on Google Ads with only around £200 return in revenue. It was clearly not set up correctly, nor did they have any conversion actions or targeting settings applied, so the adverts were based on keyword searches but with no demographical data inputted, which means Google would be showing their adverts to anyone who typed the search term. Competitors clicking on your adverts at £4 per click can soon run up a bill without you even realising.

So, I was commissioned to help with the Ad campaigns and help them gain more traffic on Google. I spoke to the owners of the firm about search engine optimisation and advised them that no immediate results will be achieved, but over time their website rankings would increase, and therefore so would their company revenue. I proposed a digital strategy that included SEO, Paid Ads and Social Media. The company agreed to the proposal I laid out and they were very excited to get this going online and start generating some revenue from the online advertising.

It was my suggestion that we focus more on SEO as this will bring them long-term benefits whereas Google Ads and Social Ads are more short-term strategies, that can also be run over a long period of time if you pay per click, however, with SEO, once you are ranking, you can benefit for a long time without having to keep paying per click. Other reasons to focus mainly on the SEO strategy were the small budget available to market the website and the level of competition being incredibly high, making for a higher cost per click.

When I was approached by the owners of Multicore National, the website was 1 week old and had zero backlinks, zero authority, and zero visibility online. There were five pages on the website: home, about us, contact us, terms & conditions, and our work gallery. The pages had no optimisation and the site took way over 10 seconds to load. I told the owners that in the first month we would have to structure the site, build our landing pages, correct the technical errors, add schema markup and ensure the website is crawlable by Google spiders, as well as, looking good, loading fast, and, being easily navigatable by their end users.


After doing my research into the competition and the industry, I had come up with a digital plan for the next 6 months. The cost for me to execute this plan and provide monthly reports was £6000. Which is £1000 per month, the owners were a bit hesitant to invest £6000 into the marketing of their website without no guaranteed revenue at the end of it, but regardless they accepted the proposal and allowed me to get started on the work, they wanted it ranking for keywords they thought were being searched often. After showing the owners some keyword research they allowed me to take control over the keywords we should rank the website for. In my proposal, I laid out exactly what I would be doing, from organising the site structure to compressing images to building new landing pages. A lot of work had to go into the website before I could start on the link building of Multicore National.

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