The Goal: To Show the safety measures in place at Escape Reality

What We Set Out to Achieve

Escape Reality provide Escape Room Experiences, you are locked in a room for 1 hour and have to solve clues and puzzles to escape before the time runs out. The goal with these portfolio designs is to showcase the safety measures in place at Escape Reality to re-assure the customers during the COVID-19 virus.


Portfolio Designs

1. Social Media Image

Firstly, social media image’s was created in order to share with customers who already follow the brand on Instagram to show customers that everything is being done to protect them in the facility. This image can be used to easily showcase the measures in place, this can be used on Instagram because Instagram is more visual content and is an image sharing platform. The image is best targeted at people who use Instagram and prefer visual content over written, they must already follow the page to see them.

click on a image to enlarge it

2. Infographic

This Infographic can be used to showcase the safety features at Escape Reality, the Infographic is a great way to show a lot of important information in a fun and engaging manner. The Infographic can be used on the website for customers who are looking for more information about the safety measures in place and like to search online, it can also be used on referral websites to gain exposure and in an email template, however the website is place to showcase this for anyone searching for safety precautions at Escape Reality. Click the button below to view the full Infographic.

3. Press Release

To further show the people of Preston the Safety measures in place at Escape Reality, a press release has been created, this can be pushed out to local news sites in order to reach audiences old and new and allow them to see the measure’s Escape Reality are taking to achieve safety at the facility. The press release is designed more for people who like reading over image content and who might not use Instagram or social media.

Hand writing Press Release, business concept

4. Leaflet and Poster

The leaflet and poster created will allow marketers at Escape Reality to show the safety precautions to a different audience. Some of the target market may not use social media, websites or read news articles so creating a poster and leaflet to distribute to the local area will help them achieve the goal of making more people aware of the safety features in place at Escape Reality. The button below will show both the poster and the leaflet.