How Escape Reality Preston Are Protecting Their Customers And Staff

Escape Reality in Preston provides escape room experiences, you are locked in a themed room for up to 1 hour and have to solve puzzles, find clues and crack riddles in order to escape. Since COVID-19, workers at Escape Reality have been asked a lot of questions, such as: What safety measures are in place? Are we still allowed to play? Do we have to wear face masks?

Here we will discuss the safety measures in place at Escape Reality Preston and have a look at what they are doing in order to keep their customers and staff safe. Firstly they have a one-way system in place which is compulsory for all customers to follow. They recommend face masks but in situations where you may be exempt then it is okay not to wear them. Hand sanitiser stations are provided throughout the facility and it is advised to use them often.

All the rooms and equipment around the park is cleaned and disinfected in between each session. Escape Reality are also asking customers to book online when possible to avoid cash being used in the facility. They advise customers to follow social distancing guidelines set out by the Government and ask that all using the facility stick to these guidelines.

Escape Reality has these precautions in place to provide protection against the COVID-19 virus and to stop the spread of the virus between customers and staff. Following the guidelines set out will ensure you and your team are protected and the extra precautions such as regular cleaning will also ensure full protection when using the facility.

All rooms are open as usual so you can still enjoy the full facility. For more information on the safety precautions in place or to book your next game, you can see Escape Reality social media, visit the website or contact the team at


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