MK3503 — Social Media and Optimisation

Business Background

Jump Maniax was formed in 2019 and is a large entertainment facility based in Preston. The facility includes a giant inflatable, a cafe and a soft play area. The business would like to increase the number of bookings coming from the website. By increasing the website traffic, providing personalised experiences and optimising the website, Croxen-John and Van Tonder (2020), Jump Maniax will increase the number of tickets they sell online.

Since COVID-19, the way people book tickets and make reservations has changed, people are turning to digital methods in order to purchase event tickets over the more traditional methods of coming in store or purchasing over a phone call (ACME, 2021). A contextual analysis will help a business consider the whole environment they are operating in by looking at the internal and external factors that may affect the business environment, Gudmund (1991).

Situational Analysis

The SWOT analysis, see appendix A in the report, (Research and Markets, 2021; Mordor Intelligence, 2021) suggests that an increasing number of people are turning to online methods to book tickets for attractions and days out. On the other hand, the PEST analysis, appendix B in the report, indicates that Jump Maniax need to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements in order to provide the most efficient and effective tech to their customers.

A recent example of a business keeping up to date with technological advancements would be Currys PC world who developed an online shopping assistant when the stores were forced to close during Lockdown. Knowing the customers of Currys like the expert advice from staff members in store, the brand and marketing director decided they had to move very quickly to make people aware that they could buy from the store and receive the expert advice through the assisted purchase service online, Hargrave (2021).

Aims and Objectives

Jump Maniax would like to increase the number of online bookings, rather than customers calling up or coming in-store to purchase tickets. Jump Maniax would like customers to use the online methods of booking when possible. The online booking methods are great for a number of reasons, they allow for customers to be easily added to mailing lists and remarketing audiences, they free up time for staff as they don’t have to manually book customers in, the online methods allow for waiver integration and avoids the customer having to fill in paper waivers and they ultimately provide a better and quicker booking experience for the customer.

Based on the overarching goal, three SMART objectives have been created:


Conversion rate

Increase e-commerce conversion rate by 0.25% in 6 months.


website traffic

Increase website traffic from social media by 10% in 6 months.



Increase social media engagement by 10% in 6 months.

GDPR and Data Protection.

Jump Maniax collect data on their customers to be used for marketing purposes, the use of cookies on the website allows the users to give permission for Jump Maniax to track users interests and behaviours when on the website and to use this information to show relevant advertisements. When purchasing tickets, using subscription forms or filling in the email on a discount form, users of Jump Maniax give explicit permission for Jump Maniax to use this data for marketing purposes. The data is then stored and used abiding by GDPR laws (Goddard., 2017).

Keyword Research

Using tools such as Ubersuggest (Ubersuggest, no date) and Google keyword planner we were able to identify opportunities for Jump Maniax to compete against the competition for competitive keywords that will gain new traffic to the website and help Jump Maniax achieve there objectives, see appendix d of the report.

Digital Content

Within the next 6 months, using social media and optimisation, Jump Maniax will achieve the SMART objectives. The campaign will be run over summer and will encourage people to come to the park and use the online booking systems to book their tickets.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics

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Email Campaigns

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Paid Social Campaigns

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Blog Content

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Using Google Analytics the content will be measured and the data analysed to improve on future campaigns. The optimisation techniques and tools used have helped increase the performance and effectiveness of the campaigns. The content is more structured and focused on increasing the website traffic and conversions for the summer period, which has allowed a theme to adapt throughout the content providing the audience with valuable, informative content at all stages. The content provides call to actions to allow Jump Maniax to direct the audience in a certain way.

For future campaigns, adopting remarketing and providing users with personalised content will help with the optimisation of the campaigns further. The bounce rates from past campaigns show negative results so keeping on top of the pages load times and relevancy of the the landing pages will allow Jump Maniax to keep bounce rates on the website from content low.

From performing the optimisation tasks it is clear to see that little changes can make huge differences and making sure all content is optimised in the future will drastically help improve results and R.O.I from marketing campaigns.