MK3503 — Blog Post

The following blog post has been created, optimised and uploaded to the Jump Maniax website to gain natural backlinks and help them rank on Google for the optimised keyword. Using Yoast SEO (Yoast, 2022) on page analysis and readability tool I was able to create a blog post with a perfect on-page optimisation score. Using Google page speed insights I was able to compress the images on page, block certain scripts and increase the load times of the page in order to help with the SEO for the page. You can see full details of the optimisation techniques used by clicking on the black dots.

Google Preview
Readability Preview
  • Keyword in introduction
  • Keyword length is good
  • The keyword is found 4 times which is recommended for content of this length
  • The focus keyword is found in the meta description and page title
  • The length of the meta description is the optimal length
  • The targeted keyword has not been used before
  • The content contains 835 words for optimal performance
  • The SEO title width is within the recommended size
  • The URL of the content contains the keyword
  • Images in the content
  • Image alt tags have been optimised
  • Keyword in image alt tag and title
  • Outbound links appear in the article
  • Internal links appear in the article
  • Sharing options for users to share the post
  • Optimised to build a data list of our blog readers
  • Optimised to show relevant content to keep readers engaged on the website

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

The blog post serves its purpose because it is optimised to rank for the target keyword. When ranking it will gain Jump Maniax additional monthly website traffic. The blog post also contains relevant, informing information which the Jump Maniax readers will find valuable. The blog post could also gain natural backlinks which will contribute to the SERP position of the page and the overall domain authority of the website.

How Would You Do it Differently?

Next time round, the skyscraper technique will be used. I will identify a piece of relevant content that is performing well and build on it. We can use Google trends to find trending content in certain markets which will help Jump Maniax identify what content to write about, using keyword research and the information gathered from Ubersuggest, we can create more blog content with higher monthly traffic than the keyword chosen for the article above. Next time round, more efforts need to be invested into link building to the new article in order to push it up Google ranks for the keywords.