MK3503 — Paid Social Campaigns

The following Ad campaigns have been set up using Facebook Ads manager. They are being pushed out on Facebook and Instagram and the goal is to get the users to click on to the website to view all the deals on offer during the summer holidays.

The Ad targeting is set to 40km around Preston targeting parents and grandparents of children aged 1 to 17. Facebook dynamic creative Ads have been used for best auto optimisation results from Facebook, Thompson (2021). You can see the Ad previews and targeting settings by clicking on the images to the left. The ad content, descriptions and titles have been optimised with the researched keywords. A pixel has been installed on the website to allow Facebook to track events from the Ads and optimise the targeting and Ad combinations for best results.

Competitor Ad Campaigns

When researching the main competitor "Wacky World Preston" and using the Facebook transparency tool, it allows us to see the Facebook and Instagram campaigns that Wacky World is running. As you can see on the image below, Wacky World are currently running 11 ad campaigns ranging from images to video adverts.

Wacky World Ad Campaigns

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

The paid advertisements get the correct message across and are being pushed out to parents of the correct age group who live 40km within Preston. The message of the Ads is about the summer holidays and asks users to visit the website for more information on the packages and offers available throughout the summer holidays. The content does serve its intended purpose and gets the correct message to the target audience in a fun and appealing way, with the bright colours and snappy, optimised video content, the ad campaigns should stand out amongst the competition.

How Would You Do it Differently?

Using paid adverts for remarketing purposes is what needs to be done next time. Serving adverts based on what content the users view on the website would need to be implemented in the next paid ad campaigns. A/B testing of the content produced for the paid ad campaigns should also be implemented next time round, this way to maximise ad spend and increase the efficiency of the campaigns Jump Maniax will know which pieces of content perform best and allow us to learn which pieces of information impact users behaviour, Kohavi and Longbotham (2017).