MK3503 — Park Promotional Videos

The following two videos have been created and are being used on Youtube and Social media to increase the website traffic and conversions from now until the end of the summer holidays. They have been optimised for Youtube, the website, and for social media in a number of ways. You can play the videos below and then continue reading to see all the optimisation methods used in the videos.

Optimisation Techniques

Each of the videos were created using Premiere Pro, they have been rendered for the best compression settings whilst still maintaining high quality visuals. This has been done to keep the file size low, a high file size not only means long upload times to digital platforms but also slow load times on your website when embedding them into the page, the two videos above are being hosted on Youtube and due to the low file size there should be little to zero buffer on the viewers end, Albright (2021).

  • Keyword included naturally within the title of the video.
  • Keyword included naturally within the description of the video.
  • The original file name contains the keyword.
  • Relevant tags containing the keyword and keyword variations
  • The video has been added to a relevant category
  • The Thumbnail filename and alt tag contain the keyword
  • Custom Thumbnail to stand out in Youtube search listings
  • End card added to take viewers onto the next video from Jump Maniax

The image shows the video as uploaded to Youtube and optimised for the keyword "Inflatable adventure park Preston", if you click on the red dots you will be able to see optimisation techniques used for the best results on Youtube, Becker (2021).

This image shows the other video as uploaded to social media, if you click on the red dots you can see the optimisation techniques used for best performance on social media. Again this video has been optimised for the keyword "Inflatable adventure park Preston".

  • The keyword is included within the title of the video. 
  • Hashtags as researched to help the post be seen by relevant audiences for summer holidays

    (Best Hashtags, no date)

  • The keyword has been included in the description
  • The thumbnail has been optimised and includes the keyword
  • The thumbnail has also been created at the correct dimensions 161 x 161

Youtube Search Results

The optimisation techniques will allow Jump Maniax to reach a wider audience and has gained them the number one ranking position on Youtube for the optimised keyword "inflatable adventure park Preston". This had gained Jump Maniax 2.4k organic views on Youtube.

Jump Maniax Youtube Search

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

The content serves its intended purpose because it generates brand awareness on Youtube and in the organic search listings and has gained brand awareness across social media and Youtube. The content shows off the park facilities and the range of options available. The main promotional video is 1 minute long making it the optimal length and the circus video is 2 and a half minutes but shows the main parts within the first 30 seconds.

How Would You Do it Differently?

Next time round the videos need to be focused more on advertising the benefits for the season. For example, the video could contain customers enjoying an ice cold slush in the park on a hot day or playing on the arena whilst the air con system keeps them cool. The videos could even contain some text or animations which could advertise the deals for that particular season with call to actions contained within the video. Creating content with a staff member talking could help Jump Maniax portray their tone of voice and message within the video content and show the fun, less formal side of the business, Shreves and Krasniak (2015).